My Tears Ricochet:The Double Meaning

Taylor Swift is such a talented songwriter than I think many times she has written songs that have a double meaning. I think many of the Folklore songs aren’t about Taylor. A few of them however, could be written with a double meaning. I decided to look closely at the lyrics. Here is why I think “My Tears Ricochet” could also be about Scott Borchetta, Big Machine Records, and her masters to her first 6 albums.

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The Story

In 2017 Taylor Swift announced that after a successful run at Big Machine Records, she had decided to sign to Republic Records. The main thing Taylor was concerned with was the ownership of her future records after Scott Borchetta refused to sell her older masters to her. Taylor leaving seemed to be a blow to Big Machine Records since Borchetta was looking to sell.

Fast forward to 2019 and the fight over Taylor’s masters turned ugly after Borchetta let Scooter Braun purchase Big Machine Records and Taylor’s masters with it. Words were said by all, however I feel like there was secret pain between Taylor and Scott. Her career and what it did for both of them and what they were able to accomplish is incredible.

This is the main reason I believe the song “My Tears Ricochet” has a double meaning. While the songs could fit the heartbreak of the characters that Taylor said Folklore is based on, it also fits the heartbreak of someone close to you backstabbing you.

I have to think that after years of building Taylor’s brand and career that Taylor and Scott got close, not in a love way, but in a father-daughter way. It has to hurt them to be fighting this way. A lot of the lyrics could represent things that have happened.

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