TikToK Growth: The Amazing Viral App

TikTok is one of the most powerful social apps to ever be released. It is amazing for both users, creators, and businesses. The growth and audiences that can be reached even down to the nice are like nothing we’ve ever seen. TikTok growth is incredible. Why aren’t you on it? Why isn’t your business on it?

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The Story

TikTok got its start in 2014 as the popular lip syncing app, Musical.ly. The change to TikTok happened after Musical.ly was purchased by ByteDance in 2017. The next year in 2018 ByteDance merged the popular Musical.ly app with their TikTok app. The rest is history as the app has grown from being for “kids”, people dancing, and lip syncing.

TikTok has grown more and more popular since the merger. I feel like it has evolved into what Vine could have been. You now find comedy sketches, commentary, educational videos, and much more. The app is now better than any other app out there. TikTok growth is something that is amazing.

If you want to grow a following, it is easier than with any other app. The AI and algorithm work together to get you down t a niche and help you find your people, your audience, and your fans.

TikTok makes it easier to grow your other social media such as Instagram and YouTube as well. The bigger your audience grows on TikTok, the bigger the portion of them go to those other places you are. TikTok is a social media growing powerhouse. As a creator, that makes it addicting.

The way TikTok works makes it addicting to watch as well. You are constantly served videos that you’re interested in. That means you know for sure your audience will find you as well

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