Real Life Ghost Stories with Content Creator Jake Pearson

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Ep. 01.10
Ghost Stories with Jake Pearson

This week I didn’t have a guest for the show, so I decided instead of skipping it, I would do a solo episode. I mean, I am a content creator myself, so why not?

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but inspiration struck after binging Celina Spooky Boo’s (it would be amazing to interview her, so if you have a connection, please help us connect) content. Why don’t I do my own ghost stories? I’ve definitely had experiences in my life.

I have enough experiences to do two episodes. I decided to focus more on my adult life rather than the things from my childhood.

You will hear stories that happened from 2011-2020. From unexplainable shadows, sounds, balls bouncing, and more. I got chills and creeped myself out recording this episode and then editing it. Big goosies the whole time.

Interview with amazing content creators will be back again next week. I hope you enjoy these haunting stories.

ghost stories

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  • Jake Pearson (Host)
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