Sean Barry Parsons: Behind The Unfiltered TikTok Creator and Comedian

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Ep. 01.12
Sean Barry Parsons

Sean Barry Parsons is known for his sketches involving his strong female characters on his TikTok. If you’ve heard of Helen Kummlicher, Loretta Barnett, and Camilla Moretti; then you have seen Sean’s stuff.

Sean Barry Parsons didn’t set out the have a career in the entertainment industry, but life led him there. Before the pandemic he was doing stand-up comedy. Once in quarantine he found a creative outlet on TikTok after he was encouraged by friends to bring some of his Instagram sketches to the platform.

He says his comedy isn’t for everyone and that is intentional. He’s not in the business of making comedy for the masses. He makes what he thinks his funny and if other enjoy, then they are welcomed to watch.

Sean is a very funny guy and you can tell that in this interview. He never misses a beat and is making a joke before most people would even have time to think they should make a joke here.

Sean Barry Parsons

You can checkout more about Sean Barry Parsons on Instagram.

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