Easy To Make Hawaiian Ham & Cheese Slider Pizza

Hawaiian Ham and Chees Slider Pizza

The ham and cheese sliders. You know them. If you’ve been to any cookout or family get together in the past few years, there is a chance that sitting by the ever popular buffalo chicken dip , you will find the addictive and crazy delicious ham and Swiss sliders that are made using the scrumptious and equally addictive Hawaiian Rolls.

The other day I pondered if you could turn those little moments of joy into a pizza. I searched online and found nothing, which seemed crazy to me. I set out with a mission in the grocery store to figure out a way to make this. It turns out it is really simple and I thank Pillsbury for taking the initiative to make Hawaiian style crescents. If you love the ham and cheese sliders, you will love this pizza. If you make this please be sure to share with me how it went.

Recipe Below.

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