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Who is Jake? Where did he come from? How is he this amazing? Those are probably the questions that are popping in your head if this is the first time you are hearing about me. I don’t really know the answers to some of those questions. I can only give you the truths that I hold to be self-evident.

My name is Jake Pearson. I want to entertain you in every way imaginable… Get your mind out of that gutter. I guess I should say I want to entertain you in every non-sexual way imaginable(unless you are highly aroused by me, then be my guest and carry on). I love to make people laugh and I feel like it comes naturally to me.

I have a YouTube channel called JakeLX where I post entertainment/pop culture/real news series “#JakeChat”. New videos come out everyday Monday thru Saturday. Saturday’s “#JakeChat” are comedy sketch episodes. It is always delivered in a delightful and humorous manner unless I need to be serious. I like to give my opinion on things, and make you laugh as I give it.

I also have another YouTube channel called Long Live. This channel is where I post my weekly “life vlogs”. What are those you are now most likely asking? They are a view of a week in my life, every week. They are sometimes boring, but sometimes they are damn right entertaining. Subscribe and follow my life. I am also hoping to start putting some sketch comedy on there in the near future. You’re welcome for the anticipation excitement you now have waiting for those beauties to be released.

I also have a Twitter(@JakeLX) where you can follow me to hear everything about how the city buses piss me off, to tweeting about the happenings on Big Brother, to my day-to-day life excitement or lack of. If you are lucky you will get a nice #GMa tweeting session in which I tweet my visit with my dear, sweet, grandma.

I guess for now that is all I have to say? I am sure some more will pop into my cranium. I feel like this is a nice “Beginners Guide” to myself that will get you started in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “About Jake

  1. Good of you to share.

    Would you be ok if I hinted (in a good way) at this post in my Russian blog? I’d give you full credit for it.

  2. Listening to you in bed. I’m not highly aroused yet but I am greatly entertained.

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