Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter Buzz

Vlogosphere002—(06.21.2012) Today I talk about the nation’s most dishonest vampire hunter; how the 80’s are still awesome; what’s going on

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Sketch Comedy: Country Phone Sex

The Country Music Channel(CMC) presents: “True Video Diaries: I’m A Phone Sex Operator”… Listen to the heart breaking and heart warming story of Billy Joe from the outskirts of Macon, Georgia.

Here is my first sketch comedy by myself since I am now running solo on these. If you like it, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog or most importantly my You Tube. This sketch is all improv. I thought it would be funny to make it a country person who was in this situation. I felt it should be a character that you wouldn’t have expected to be doing a job like this. Below you will find the synopsis of this sketch and the video of the sketch below that. Enjoy! -JakeLX



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