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Harry Potter Theory

JK Rowling Conspiracy

Today we look into the conspiracy that J.K. Rowling, the author and creator of the Harry Potter book series, isn’t real. Who is she then? Who is the the real author? Why would anyone think this? All the magical answers are in the video. Subscribe here: If you enjoyed this video, you will enjoy […]
Growing A Beard

Growing A Beard For The First Time

Today I show you me growing a beard for the first time in my life. I go through the process on why I hadn’t grown a beard until now, why I decided to grow a beard now, and if I am going to keep the beard. Either way, it was fun growing a beard. Subscribe […]
Self Isolation Drives

Self Isolation Drives

This spring during the coronavirus pandemic my boyfriend and I have been self isolating away from other in nature. This is some footage from our trips to go fishing. Subscribe here: If you enjoyed this video, you will love this video. -Jake
Corona Delivery

Getting Packages During Quarantine

Today I show you how you should go about getting packages during quarantine and accept packages. You must not touch the cardboard before you disinfect the package. You must also use tongs to handle the product to clean it with warm water and soap. -Subscribe here: If you enjoyed this JakeLX video you don’t […]
Clean Those Buttons

Clean Those Belly Button Holes

In times of great illness like now, I think it is a good time to bring up the hygiene of the belly button hole. Like, stop neglecting it and clean it right. -Subscribe here: If you enjoyed this JakeLX video, you will love my Quarantine Life video.
Quarantine Life

Bringing Joy To Others During Quarantine

During these trying time of self-isolation and quarantine, I felt called upon to bring joy to others. Our neighbours have been given a front row seat to a free concert from me. The seem to be loving it. Don’t forget to spread joy too during these times. Watch me bringing joy to others during quarantine. […]

Dua Lipa Physical Workout

Last week Dua Lipa released her Dua Lipa Physical workout, a workout companion video to her amazing song “Physical”. I love the song, so I decided to accept the challenge and do the workout. It definitely exercised me. Do the Physical exercise yourself: -Subscribe here: This is the first video of the rebranded […]
JakeLX Logo 2020

Announcing JakeLX

#JakeChat Cancelled Over the past 5 years (2015-2019) on my JakeLX channel I released 491 videos under the #JakeChat series banner. The videos ranged from pop culture, news videos, and sketches. While I had fun and learned a lot about editing video and creating content, I felt it was time for change. #JakeChat 2015 #JakeChat […]