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Review: Heavy- Linkin Park feat. Kiiara

Linkin Park is back after releasing their last album all the way in 2014. It has been much longer since they were able to get a hit on the Top 40 charts. Hardcore fans of course have been there for the group as they play and experiment with their sound the past few albums. It […]

Issues- Julia Michaels

At 23 this “new comer” isn’t a new comer at all. Julia Michaels has worked and written music with and for many of today’s biggest pop stars. She is ready to shine on her own, and is planning to release an album later this year. Her first single is “Issues”. When I first heard “Issues” […]

Move Your Body- Sia

At this point one has to ask themselves if Sia will ever release a terrible song, and will she ever not release a hit song at that? All signs are currently point towards, no. Her newest offering is the single “Move your Body”, and it has the right beat to actually, in real life, make […]

Dearly Beloved- Kiesza

It may be hard to believe it, but the last time we heard from Kiesza was almost three years ago. You may remember her from her hit song, “Hideaway” that dominated the airwaves from spring 2014 thru that summer. It gave us some serious 90’s throwback moments. If you don’t remember it, you might have […]

Undercover- Kehlani

I had never heard of Kehlani until Apple Music decided I should giver her a listen. I want to take this time to thank Apple Music for this. I can’t quite put my finger on who she reminds me of, but I actually think that is kinda refreshing. I cannot see a way that Kehlani […]

Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran

I love the two single Ed Sheeran dropped on us a couple of weeks ago. “Shape of You” is great, but my heart has to choose “Castle on the Hill” as my favourite single that was released. I don’t know if its nostalgia for my youth, my teens and younger, or if it truly is […]

Don’t Leave- Snakehips and MØ

If you are looking for a hot song to get your year started right, look no further than Snakehips and MØ’s new song “Don’t Leave”. It is catchy and the vocals hit the spot. You are guaranteed to be belting out the words in no time at all. I definitely think this song has what […]

Tilted- Christine and the Queens

Since October I have been obsessed with “Tilted” or “Christine”. Initially the attraction was because of the music and the beat. The production is on point and intoxicating. The lyrics then made me scratch my head a bit, because they didn’t seem to make much sense, at least not in an obvious way. “I am […]

Calvin Harris’ “My Way” Music Video All About Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris has finally released the music video for his newest single “My Way”. It starts with Calvin wearing a VR headset and then it switches to a country setting. As soon as it went to the country setting, my first thought was that this is going to be all about Taylor Swift. I think […]

Comeback Kid- The Band Perry

I first heard this song on Apple Music listening to the new music one Friday a week or two ago while showering and getting ready. I couldn’t quite place who it was, and then slowly, I was like The Band Perry? My guess was confirmed with the throwback to If I Die Young in the middle of […]