JakeLX/Jake Pearson: A Beginners Guide

Who the hell is JakeLX/Jake Pearson and why should I care? That is probably the question you are asking or some variation. I can definitely answer it for you.

My name is Jake Pearson; JakeLX online. I love creating things that people love to look at and watch. I’ve been creating content since 2011 when a my friend Kevin and myself started a channel making comedic sketches. Those days are gone, but fondly remebered.

JakeLX/Jake Pearson

I then started posting stuff to my YouTube channel. The content there ranged from vlogs, commentary on news and pop culture, and of course comedic sketches. I had an issue though… Consistency. That is on me and it has taken me the last nine years to learn that.

That YouTube channel still exists and is called JakeLX. The content I have started to post there is more authentic to who I am. Instead of being a caricature of myself, I want to show the real me. My content now involves trying out new things, making things, and talking about random subjects that I find interesting.

I’ve also found a nice home at TikTok where I kinda do a mix of my older content like vlogs, sketches, and commentary. It really is a fun way and has given me another amazing creative outlet to express myself.

If you wanna subscribe and follow me on YouTube and TikTok, that would be amazing. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook if you so indulge. You’ll also find these at the top right of this website.

This is a nice “Beginners Guide” to who JakeLX/Jake Pearson. It should be enough to give you some insight on who I am and what I am about.

I want to thank anyone who has followed me and supported me at any point along my journey.

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