About Jake

Who is Jake?

I am a guy that has been creating content since 2011. You’ve probably never heard of me and that’s okay. I’ve done that to myself. Over the years I’ve found it hard to niche down to one thing, which is something you usually have to do to gain momentum online.

JakeLX/Jake Pearson

I started posting comedic sketches with a friend to my YouTube channel. The content there has evolved from that to vlogs, to reviews, to sketches again, to mini documentaries. It really has been a ride.

That YouTube channel still exists and is called JakeLX. The content I have started to post there over the last year is more authentic to who I am now. Instead of being a caricature of myself, I want to show the real me. My content now involves trying out new things, making things, and talking about random subjects that I find interesting.

I’ve also found a nice home at TikTok where I started to do a mix of the same content that I’ve tried on YouTube for years. You know, like vlogs, sketches, and commentary. It really is a fun way and has given me another amazing creative outlet to express myself. I have finally found this odd niche between cooking and trying foods from other countries and foods from around the US I’ve never tried. People seem to really be taking to it.

I want to thank anyone who has followed me and supported me at any point along my journey. I am truly grateful.

Overall, I am now looking for work in the digital media place and I hope the years of my personal stuff, freelance work, and education help me get there.


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