Poor Chris Brown

You really have to start feeling sorry for Chris Brown at this point. He is still dealing with the charges that Rihanna placed against him and then dropped. Chris shouldn’t have hit her, but if she was willing to drop the charges and then date him again, all of this community service shit should go away as […]

Movies and Leaks

(08.12.2013) Today we discuss this weekends movies that were released, Amanda Bynes’ state of affairs, Ender’s Game, and Katy Perry’s “Roar”. You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/JakeLX Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JakeLX Instagram: @JakeLX Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/JakeLXOfficial Tumblr: http://JakeLX.tumblr.com Vlogosphere169 -JakeLX

Lindsay Lohan Headed Eastbound

I am very excited to hear that Lindsay Lohan as found her first acting job out of rehab. She will be on HBO’s final season of Eastbound & Down which star’s Danny McBride as the lead character. There is no word on how many episodes she will be in, but I do watch this show, and will be […]

Survival- Eminem feat. Liz Rodrigues

I am by no means a hardcore fan, probably not even a mediocre fan of Eminem’s. I will say I enjoyed his pre-2009 stuff occasionally. Relapse  and Recovery were sad albums, I thought. I can say that I actually really am enjoying the song that he released yesterday, Survival. The single was released as a part of […]

Vampire Academy… School Is In Session

The other day I was at the theatre and I saw a poster for the film Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. While I haven’t read any of the books in the Vampire Academy series, I had heard about them. I mainly haven’t tried to read them because I wasn’t sure how good they were, and I’ve had other stuff that […]

Rock N Roll- Avril Lavinge Review

You could say I was really excited to hear the sound of “Here’s To Never Ever Growing Up” when Avril Lavigne released it earlier this summer. I was thrilled to hear her sound was getting back to the older Avril sound that we all love and knew, but it still seemed like the newer old […]

Prepare To Say Goodbye to Dr. Yang

  Sandra Oh who plays Cristina Yang on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy announced that season ten of the show will be her last. That means we will have a whole season to prepare to lose Dr. Yang. This news is sad to me considering Yang has become one of my favourite characters on Grey’s Anatomy. She also is […]

The Greatest Thing- Cher feat. Lady Gaga Review

Adding to a beginning list of leaks, Cher and Lady Gaga’s collab leaked online yesterday. Cher wasn’t pleased at all, and said this isn’t the final version because Lady Gaga wasn’t happy with the song. Cher’s new album coming out on September 24 called Closer To The Truth, so I have to think that this has […]

Britney Spears New Single Ready?

It seems that Britney Spears may be ready to release some new music in the near future. You can see she just tweeted that new music is coming sooner than we think. We now Britney has been working with different producers including will.I.am. It also has been two years now since Femme Fatale was released […]

Emoji’s Roar On Katy Perry’s New Lyric Video

In the world of You Tube and the age of the instant download of a new single, lyric videos have been gaining viewership over the last few years. This seems to tamp down the hunger that the fans have for a music video right away. In the last year or so, lyrics videos have been […]