We Can’t Stop- Miley Cyrus

Miley is back and she’s still just being Miley, just more grown-up. The last time we heard from Miley was back in 2009. Since then she has been trying to break her Hannah Montana/little girl image. I think she has done fairly well breaking that image. There are still a ton of people who see […]

Go Kindergarten- The Lonely Island feat. Robyn

Who isn’t excited for the comedic musical geniuses that make up the group The Lonely Island? They were made popular for their previous songs being used as “SNL Digital Shorts” while on of the groups members, Andy Samberg, was still on the show. Andy is no longer a part of SNL, but that doesn’t matter because […]

Ke$ha 2013 Warrior Tour In Cincinnati, Ohio

06.08.2013— Today me and three friends went up to Cincinnati to see Ke$ha at the new Horseshoe Casino. Ke$ha put on an amazing show and we all enjoyed it. You can see bits of most of the songs once you get to the concert. There was glitter everywhere!

The Problem With Taylor Swift

The problem with Taylor Swift is not herself, but from the genre she calls her original home. Country music found Taylor Swift cute, and loved her when at sixteen-years-old she released her first single “Tim McGraw”. She was a young, twangy girl who was a nice novelty that wouldn’t go very far in her career. […]

Why Women Can’t Be Funny… Really?

Tonight I was told to watch the video on You Tube entitled Why Women Can’t Be Funny because the person who told me to watch it wanted to know my thoughts. The video is by the You Tuber blndsundoll4mj who is a self-proclaimed female anti-feminist. I wouldn’t have thought I would ever be writing about feminist or […]

Tyler Perry Endures

Vlogosphere161— (06.03.2013) Today I talk about Tyler Perry and how hard he works and how people, critics, love to hate on him.

Taylor Swift New Country Single

It’s been awhile since Taylor Swift has released a single to country radio. Many country fans of hers are getting a little grumpy about it. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was released on August 13, 2012 to mainstream and country radio. Then on October 1, 2012 the next single “Begin Again” was released […]