American Idol Has New Judges

The best news I’ve heard for a while about the slacking American Idol came out today. We knew coming out of this season’s finale that there would be only three judges next season. We also knew Randy Jackson was leaving the show after 12 seasons with American Idol. We also now know that Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and […]

Life Vlogging Update

I started daily life vlogging on You Tube October 12, 2012 on my 22nd birthday. I was inspired to do such from watching another You Tube channel. I meant to do this post back on April 12 when I reached the half-way point of my year of life vlogging. Overall, it has been a blast and […]

Taylor Demands A Full Stage

If you watched the 2013 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, you were treated to the debut live performance of Taylor Swift’s newest single “22”. Unlike her other hit singles, it had yet to be featured live on TV for the masses. It was done in a very unique way and demanded not only a full stage, but […]

Why Can’t Music Be Fun?

It seems in today’s world, music just can’t be fun. It has to be technical  add something to our culture, or have some deeper meaning. Why can’t it just simply state I want to go out there and dance? There are many artist that put out music that is just fun. It sells because it isn’t […]

Super Fun Night Looks Super Fun

Our favourite Aussie comedian, Rebel Wilson, is bringing her comedy to ABC in a new show called Super Fun Night. The Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect starlet is going to call ABC’s Wednesday night comedy block home next fall when Super Fun Night debuts. The show will air at 930p in the coveted after Modern Family slot. I couldn’t be more happy for Rebel Wilson. I […]

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

I still can’t believe that Angie Miller was the person to go home on last weeks American Idol. I knew this is always how it would be though, and secretly I was hoping she wouldn’t win and would make it to third or second place. Those two spots have produced more popular artists then the actual winning […]

Yellow- Chelsea Lankes

A week ago today I sat in the arena waiting for Taylor Swift to come out and perform. Before her show they play music with music I assume Taylor picks or what would be on her iPod if we could see it. This song came on and for some reason I was instantly entranced. I […]

Elena And Damon Break-Up

What I really meant to say, The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have broken up in real life, just like their characters on the hit CW show. I think this is very sad news because I really liked the both of them as a couple. Both have dark features and they just really went well together. They dated for a really […]

The Dog Is Out

Randy Jackson finally announced his departure from American Idol after 12 seasons and being the only remaining original judge. This came after rumours that FOX was seeking to replace all four of the current judges as a part of a complete makeover for the show next season. It was reported that no one knew he was going […]

Rebel Yelling

Zach Galifianakis gave us an awesome SNL last Saturday and Kristen Wiig is sure to give us an amazing show this Saturday. I have to ask NBC and SNL one question though. Why has Rebel Wilson not been on the show this season? Apparently Ben Affleck is set for the season finale, a show which I felt Rebel should […]