Glory-Jay Z feat. Blue Ivy Carter

This song has to be one of the sweetest songs that I have heard or seen a celebrity do for their newborn child. The lyrics are so sweet and at the end you can hear the recording of little Blue Ivy Carter being born and crying. I guess we can count this as her first […]

Glee Season Four To Be Groundbreaking

According to the article on E!  Online, Lea Michele says that her character Rachel and some of the other seniors will be graduating at the end of this season, but won’t be leaving the show during season four. I can’t say I’m not too surprised really. The backlash from fans on losing these characters was […]

Beyonce and Jay-Z Baby Name Confusion?

Like most of the world yesterday I was confused on whether or not Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby girl’s name was Ivy Blue or Blue Ivy. It is apparently Blue Ivy. I don’t feel bad for writing yesterday that the name was Ivy Blue because even E! and other news outlets had it wrong. They named her Ivy […]

Paramout Pictures Starts The Year Right

Paramount Pictures is beginning 2012, its 100th anniversary, off on the right foot. It had three movies in the top ten this weekend with the number one movie being “The Devil Inside”. Paramount says that they expected the movie to only make $8 million dollars over the WHOLE weekend. By Friday night the movie had already made […]

If Athletics Can Do It…

… So can the New York City Opera. What are they doing? They are going through a musician lockout right now. I don’t really know anything about the opera, but I do know that they need musicians for the music. Ha. I figured this probably would interest some people. You can read more on this lockout that […]

No “Glee” Spin-Off… Thank God

I had heard that a “Glee” spin-off could be in the works after Ryan Murphy announced that the current seniors on the show would graduate at the end of the season. I was against the idea from the beginning to tell you the truth. How would Fox and Ryan Murphy be able to do two shows that […]

Katy Perry Speak On Divorce

Katy Perry apparently went to Twitter to tweet about the rumours that have been spreading about her and Russell Brand getting a divorce. Katy tweeted: “Concerning the gossip, I want to be clear that NO ONE speaks for me. Not a blog, magazine, “close sources” or my family.” Now this doesn’t answer the one question that […]

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum Married

Over the weekend the state of New York was busy with the birth of Beyonce’s baby, Ivy Blue Carter; and Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum got married in upstate New York. I have to say that she always looks very pretty. I also didn’t realize she was so young, she’s only 25. It’s not that she look old […]

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Baby Is Born

January 7, 2012 will be Beyonce and Jay-Z’s babies birth date. I am so happy for them and excited to see what this little darling will look like. I was hoping they would have a girl. It is said that Jay-Z has been telling people their daughter’s name is Ivy Blue Carter. I say welcome, Ivy!