Guncle Babysits Niece

I, the guncle, babysit my niece for the evening for the first time in a longtime. We paint, she named her Little People Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie, go to the park, eat at Wendy’s, go to Target, and she gets a bath. If you enjoyed this, you might like the pilot episode of my […]

The Importance of Pride and Pride Month

I am starting a series called “Pride Yourself” which will explore the LGBTQ community. This video is about Pride Month. I explain the history of Pride in the LGBTQ community; what it means in the word; how it has been handled here in the United States; what Pride personally means to me; why we need […]

How To Make Frozen Coke At Home

I’ve always loved a frozen Coke in the summer. I have wanted to try to make my own at home since last year when I saw a video of a vending machine at an amusement park in the Netherlands create frozen Coke. The science his cool and it is fun for all. You can do […]

The Infamous Milk Coke

The infamous Milk Coke beverage went viral a few weeks ago. I knew I had to try it. Considering what happens to milk when Coke is poured into it, I wasn’t excited to try it. Apparently it is a drink that many people have known about their whole lives. -Subscribe here: -Merch: -Music […]

Tennessee Safari Park of Alamo, TN

Located in Alamo, TN is a little slice of the African Savannah. The Tennessee Safari Park is where wild animals roam free and you can brave the chances and feed them right from your car. This place offers and up close and personal look at many animals that you usually see from afar in the […]

Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theory Lies

I wanted to discuss Shane Dawson and his recently released “Conspiracy Theory Part I” video. It was released with mix reviews and I felt like there were two “conspiracy” topics that were just common marketing strategies. They seemed to be made scary to fit into the theme when they are commonly used to sell consumer […]

Nutella Face Mask Skin Care

I decided for National Hazelnut Day(if it exists) to try Nutella as a face mask. I remember someone doing this a few years ago and I am always down for something to help cleanse my skin. Maybe after this you’ll wanna have a spa day of your own thats filled with the aroma of hazelnut […]

Boo at the Zoo- Nashville Zoo- Wanderlust

Boo at the Zoo- Nashville Zoo- Wanderlust (19 October 2018) Thursday night we went to our first visit of Boo at the Zoo with my niece. It was a really nice event that I can see growing more and more as the Nashville Zoo continues to grow. There was plenty of autumn and animal fun. […]

Madison County Nature Trail in Huntsville- Wanderlust

Madison County Nature Trail in Huntsville- Wanderlust (10 October 2018) On June 19 we travelled to Alabama(my first time in the state) and visited around Huntsville. The main thing we did was do the little hiking trail at the Green Mountain Madison County Nature Trail. It is a beautiful area with a 1.5 mile trail […]

Post Malone Cursed by The Illuminati

Post Malone Cursed by The Illuminati (September 17, 2018) There is no doubt that #PostMalone has been highly successful this past year. The past few weeks have been dangerous with a plane scare, robbery scare, and a car crash scare. Is Post Malone cursed? Maybe the #illuminati are coming after him for some reason? Maybe […]