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Proceed with Caution Podcast

“Proceed with Caution” or PWC is a comedy entertainment podcast hosted by myself, Jake. The podcast discusses a

plethora of topics with a heavy leaning towards current events, music, and pop culture. The podcast is presented in a comedic way most of the time with the intent to make you laugh. The podcast is also used as a sounding board for me to get my opinions and thoughts out to the world in a longer format than my #JakeChat series on YouTube.

The History

In 2013 my friend Kevin and I launched our very own podcast called “Proceed with Caution”. The thinking is that you never know exactly what we would be talking about, and there not always being a perfect segway between topics. It also referred to the myriad of topics that are and could be discussed. The first run only lasted until spring 2014.

There were two more starts of the podcast in August 2015 and February 2016. They each only lasted one episode each, with the 2016 episode remaining un-aired. In December 2016, on my own I started “Proceed with Caution” once again. The format remains mostly the same. Random topics of everything with some personal stories, opinions, and comedy.