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The Geeks Hate Ben Affleck As Batman

I am by no way a comic book geek. I can enjoy the occasional superhero-comic book movie. One film trilogy I couldn’t stand was the last three Batman films. They were so boring and long, and I hate Batman. Batman is nothing, but a rich guy that can afford some really cool toys and gadgets. […]

Should Warner Brothers Give Money To Victims?

The idea that Warner Brother’s should donate money from this weekends opening earnings,¬†to the victims and victims families that were involved in the shooting at a Dark Knight Rises midnight showing at Century 16 in Aurora, Colorado is growing. I guess I don’t quite understand why this is growing? Warner Brother’s didn’t pay this guy […]

Superhero Movies Aren’t That Great

Superhero movies really actually annoy me. I have¬†watched most of them and like most of them, but there aren’t any that I would wanna go to the theatre and see over and over again. I guess X-Men and Spiderman are really the only superheroes that I like a lot when they release movies based on […]