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The Top 20 Songs of Winter 2017

As hard as it is to believe it myself, we are ready to see what the top 20 songs of this winter was. This is of course according to me, so you may see some songs you have never heard of before. I try to broaden my music listening each week. While I love pop […]

Top 20 Songs of Spring 2016

Watch my Jake Chat video and then be sure to look at the chart below. If you scroll to the bottom of the chart, you will see a Spotify playlist with all the songs(except Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics”) ready to be listened to by yourself or at your next party. The chart is represented by quite […]

Top 20 Songs of Summer 2015

The LX Chart: Summer 2015 #20: Take Your Time- Sam Hunt #19- Photograph- Ed Sheeran #17- Hey Mama- David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha, & Afrojack #16- You Know You Like It- DJ Snake feat. AlunaGeorge #15- Lean On- Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. Mo #14- Stitches- Shawn Mendes #13- Worth It- Fifth […]