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Taylor Swift Is The Pinnacle Of Success

Last night at The 47th Annual Country Music Association Awards show in Nashville, Taylor Swift won the Pinnacle Award. The Pinnacle Award is given to those country artists that reach true global success. AT only 23(24 next month) Taylor Swift has amounted the success that points to her truly deserving this award. I couldn’t have been happier […]

Why The Hate On Julianne Hough?

I really don’t get why people got so outraged over Julianne Hough’s costume for Halloween over the weekend? Halloween is about becoming something that your not the other 364 days of the year. It’s a freedom, and if there were no ill-intentions behind the costume, then there really shouldn’t be a problem. In case you’ve […]

Kardashian Divorce

It was so sad for me to read Tuesday night that Bruce and Kris Jenner have been separated for a while and that they are no longer together and would be getting a divorce. This has to have the Kardashian/Jenner family in a very split and sad state. Kris and Bruce say they have no […]

Elena And Damon Break-Up

What I really meant to say, The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have broken up in real life, just like their characters on the hit CW show. I think this is very sad news because I really liked the both of them as a couple. Both have dark features and they just really went well together. They dated for a really […]

The Dog Is Out

Randy Jackson finally announced his departure from American Idol after 12 seasons and being the only remaining original judge. This came after rumours that FOX was seeking to replace all four of the current judges as a part of a complete makeover for the show next season. It was reported that no one knew he was going […]

Taylor Goes British

Last night on The Grammy’s, Taylor Swift opened up the part performing her hit song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. I personally would have preferred her to perform her more recent and even bigger hit “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Imagine how awkward that would have been considering John Mayer was there with his new […]

Tired PSY

It seems that poor PSY, the South Korean, Gangnam Style, hit maker is tired of his own creation. You can’t blame the guy who has had his innocent song go viral all over the world. Literally, all over the world. The music video for Gangnam Style has now become the most watched video on You […]

Music Video: Lolita- The Veronicas

Our favourite Aussie twin sisters, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, who make up The Veronicas are back after a long hiatus. They have a fresh new album that is due out this fall in the US and the rest of the northern hemisphere and this spring in their native Australia and the southern hemisphere. The girls […]

Madonna Uses Guns

Madonna continued Saturday with not going along with what countries and government officials in certain countries have asked her not to do on her MDNA Tour. I understand that her performances are art and should be treated as such, but sometimes when a swastika or guns are involved, you just don’t do it. In case […]

Chick-Fil-A Comes Out

Vlogosphere008— (07.20.2012) Emmy nomination’s came out and SNL did really well and American Idol got screwed. Also, Chick-Fil-A comes out… It’s all talked about on today’s Vlogosphere Twitter: Fan Page: