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Why The Hate On Julianne Hough?

I really don’t get why people got so outraged over Julianne Hough’s costume for Halloween over the weekend? Halloween is about becoming something that your not the other 364 days of the year. It’s a freedom, and if there were no ill-intentions behind the costume, then there really shouldn’t be a problem. In case you’ve […]

Elena And Damon Break-Up

What I really meant to say, The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have broken up in real life, just like their characters on the hit CW show. I think this is very sad news because I really liked the both of them as a couple. Both have dark features and they just really went well together. They dated for a really […]

Has Sue Sylvester Left Glee For Good

After last week’s emotional episode it seems like we could possibly be done with Jane Lynch’s character, Sue Sylvester. While no one died during McKinley High’s school “shooting”, the end of Sue Sylvester is just as bad as another character dying. No Sue really isn’t a big surprise if you’ve been watching this season of Glee. Sue […]

Kimye Baby Not On TV

It is being reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have said that their baby will not be on television. I actually have a problem with this. My main problem is how has Kim gotten famous? Any answers? Television is the answer that I am looking for here. Well, we all know the sex tape, […]

New Year, New Britney?

Like me, Britney Spears may be taking 2013 to renew herself and do more for herself. Earlier this week it was reported that Britney Spears was not going to be returning to the singing competition show The X-Factor. Britney Spears announced that she wasn’t returning due to the fact that she was working on her […]

Madonna Uses Guns

Madonna continued Saturday with not going along with what countries and government officials in certain countries have asked her not to do on her MDNA Tour. I understand that her performances are art and should be treated as such, but sometimes when a swastika or guns are involved, you just don’t do it. In case […]

Scary Commercials!

Vlogosphere006— (07.18.2012) Today I talk about the funniest thing People Magazine as published lately, talk about some Dark Knight Rises Drama, and discuss the use of scaring people to stop doing something through commercials. Twitter: Fan Page:

Jessica Is Never Giving Birth

I like everyone else have kinda been wondering if Jessica Simpson shouldn’t have already had her baby. Apparently, she told the world she was pregnant October 31, but I’m not sure how far along she was on that date. The way she has been looking as of late in pictures in the tabloids, I would […]

Nicki Is A Sweetie

Some people really hate Nicki Minaj’s music for her songs lyrics which go through the nasty side of “bad words”. My father was recently horrified when I had to drive him somewhere and I made him listen to Nicki’s new album Roman Reloaded. I’m 21 and quite old enough to listen to this music, but he hates […]

Beyonce and Jay-Z Baby Name Confusion?

Like most of the world yesterday I was confused on whether or not Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby girl’s name was Ivy Blue or Blue Ivy. It is apparently Blue Ivy. I don’t feel bad for writing yesterday that the name was Ivy Blue because even E! and other news outlets had it wrong. They named her Ivy […]