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After Lately To Be Cancelled

I am very afraid that After Lately, the mockumentry of “behind-the-scenes” of Chelsea Lately,may be cancelled after tonight’s “season” finale. I am a huge Chelsea Handler and Chelsea Lately fan, so I am of course a fan of After Lately as well. I love how the shows round-table regulars and Chelsea are able to make fun of each others quirks in […]

Chelsea Handler Breaks It Down On The Dancefloor

Chelsea didn’t actually break her back, but she apparently did injure herself while dancing. The soon to be 37-year-old is a person I love and adore. I am surprised to hear that her back gave out. It is just one fo those funny stories I guess. I can’t wait to see if she mentions it on her […]

Haircut Time/After Lately

It was time for a haircut. When people start talking about how my hair feels and how it is like black people hair, I know it is time to get it cut. It isn’t cause I don’t like people saying it is like black people’s hair, because I don’t care. It is because it gets so […]