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Dark knight Rises

Scary Commercials!

Vlogosphere006— (07.18.2012) Today I talk about the funniest thing People Magazine as published lately, talk about some Dark Knight Rises Drama, and discuss the use of scaring people to stop doing something through commercials. Twitter: Fan Page:

Should Warner Brothers Give Money To Victims?

The idea that Warner Brother’s should donate money from this weekends opening earnings,¬†to the victims and victims families that were involved in the shooting at a Dark Knight Rises midnight showing at Century 16 in Aurora, Colorado is growing. I guess I don’t quite understand why this is growing? Warner Brother’s didn’t pay this guy […]

Superhero Movies Aren’t That Great

Superhero movies really actually annoy me. I have¬†watched most of them and like most of them, but there aren’t any that I would wanna go to the theatre and see over and over again. I guess X-Men and Spiderman are really the only superheroes that I like a lot when they release movies based on […]