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Sketch: A Redneck Christmas

(December 24, 2015) Earl and Tammy’s family doesn’t come around anymore for Christmas. You can see why in this holiday sketch where Earl and Tammy’s dysfunctional Christmas comes to light. Subscribe here: -Connect with me here: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: Snapchat: JakeLX Vine: JakeLX

Sketch: Taking Grandpa Black Friday Shopping

(November 27, 2015) Grandpa Lou tells us about Thanksgiving back in his day. He also tells us about going Black Friday shopping for the first time. Luckily, Macy’s gave us the security footage of him kicking ass with his cane for the products he wanted. Subscribe here: -Connect with me here: Website: Twitter: […]

“Simply Melanie” Season One

The character that I created, Melanie Pearazzisono has become a fan favourite for sure. I decided to create a pop culture type You Tube show with her as the host called “Simply Melanie”. This proved difficult to do weekly and by myself, so one episode I didn’t feature Melanie, but featured her manager instead. Then we […]

Simply Melanie Ep. 6

01.06— No one likes to hear that their television show has been cancelled, especially not Melanie. No one also wants to be the one to tell Melanie that her show has been cancelled. Watch the journey of the day that Melanie found out that her show had been cancelled. The cameras were there for it all. […]

“Simply Melanie” Ep. 4

01.04— This week Melanie discusses her holiday vacation and some of the events that occurred while she was gone. Melanie also introduces the “Melanie Book Club”. Check it all out here!

Simply Melanie Ep. 3

01.03— Some people can become such divas when they get there own show. Of course Melanie is no exception, who thought he would be? So, here is a new “Simply Melanie”… Kinda. Happy Holidays! See ya in 2012!