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JakeLX Logo 2020

JakeLX: This Is The Authentic Me

#JakeChat Cancelled Over the past 5 years (2015-2019) on my JakeLX channel I released 491 videos under the #JakeChat series banner. It is hard to believe that there were that many video. The videos types were pop culture, news videos, and sketches. While it was fun and educational when it comes to learning more on […]

Taylor Swift’s Lover First Four Singles

The first four songs from Taylor Swift’s Lover have been released. “Lover” was released yesterday and the day has come for us to enjoy it. I wanted to talk about the first four tracks that we got to hear before “Lover” was released. They are a mixed bag and I wasn’t sure what the album […]
Taylor Swift's reputation

Taylor Swift’s reputation: A Review

The last album on this look back at Taylor Swift’s albums as we countdown to “Lover”. This was an album and an era of change for Taylor. Taylor Swift’s “reputation” became my favourite album and in my opinion will be hard to beat. Take a look back as I react and give my commentary on […]

Taylor Swift’s 1989: A Review

I react to Taylor Swift’s first true pop album “1989” as I continue my countdown to “Lover”. I am taking a look back at all of Taylor Swift’s previous albums. It was an important album because it is what cemented Taylor as a true worldwide pop star. I relive the songs and the tour and […]

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now |Reaction|

I am continuing my countdown to “Lover” by reacting to Taylor Swift’s first 6 albums. “Speak Now” is Taylor Swift’s third album that came out in 2010. I would say it was her last full country album . Let me know your favourite songs and what memories from Taylor Swift’s Speak Now. If you enjoyed […]

Carving A Watermelon

This video started out as a Christmas in July carving a watermelon like you would a pumpkin at Halloween. We still got a fun summertime activity that people of all ages can do. So get out there and carve those watermelons. If you enjoyed this video, you might enjoy Kraft Tangy Spaghetti Dinner. -Subscribe here: […]

Taylor Swift’s Fearless |Reaction|

Today I react to Taylor Swift’s sophomore album “Fearless”. I have so many memories attached to this album since this was the album that introduced me to Taylor Swift. “Love Story” and “You Belong to Me” were just the beginning of me being a fan. Be sure to tell me your thoughts on “Fearless” and […]

Taylor Swift’s First Album |Reaction|

Leading up to the release of Taylor Swift’s new album “Lover” in August, I am reacting, reviewing, and commenting on all of Taylor’s past albums. This video will discuss Taylor Swift’s first album. Be sure to catch my favourite tracks and let me know what yours are as well. If you enjoyed this, you might […]

Child’s Play Destroyed Toy Story 4

The battle over this weekend at the movie box office and toys helped launch an awesome marketing campaign for the “Child’s Play” remake against “Toy Story 4”. It is unsettling, but it genius. If you enjoyed this video, you might like Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theory Lies. All video, pictures, and news clips are used under […]

Kraft Tangy Spaghetti Dinner

I have always been intrigued by the Kraft Tangy Spaghetti Dinner. I’ve never had it nor have I ever heard of anyone else eating it. I decided to get it and give it a try. I had to see if it tasted like authentic Italian food. I also found out some history on this product […]