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New Romantics Music Video Release Leaves A Bad Taste

(April 07, 2016) Taylor Swift premiered the music video fro e”new Romantics”. She called the music, a gift to her fans, but to see it you’ll have to fork over $10 to Apple Music. Not a great way to leave the “1989” era. Thumbnail Photo Credit: Allen Berezovsky Subscribe here: -Connect with me here: […]

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Isn’t Going Anywhere

(April 06, 2016) The gods have provided… “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” has been renewed by TBS through the end of the year. I can’t wait to hear her coverage on Election 2016 the rest of the year. 26 more episodes are on their way to us. Thumbnail Pic Credit: Maarten de Boer Subscribe here: […]

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Disappointed

(April 05, 2016) The season 6 season finale of “The Walking Dead” premiered on Sunday and it wasn’t what most of us hoped it would be. We didn’t get to see the death and the unveiling of Negan was a bit underwhelming. Subscribe here: -Connect with me here: Website: Twitter: Instagram: […]

Kesha Is Free As Long As She Lies For Dr. Luke

(April 04, 2016) Kesha went to Instagram to tell the world that Dr. Luke told her that is she cleared his name by telling everyone she lied, she could have her freedom. It is sickening… We all want true #FreedomForKesha. Subscribe here: -Connect with me here: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: […]

Top 20 Songs of Winter 2016

Watch my Jake Chat video and then be sure to look at the chart below. If you scroll to the bottom of the chart, you will see a Spotify playlist with all the songs(except Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods”) ready to be listened to by yourself or at your next party.   The LX Chart […]