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Loving Lana Del Rey’s New Single “Love”

(February 20, 2017) Lana Del Rey is ready to release a new album. The lead single “Love” was released on Saturday, and it is amazing. It is what we have come to know and love about Lana. I am so excited to finally have new music from her.   Subscribe here: -Connect with me […]

Why Can’t Music Be Fun?

It seems in today’s world, music just can’t be fun. It has to be technical  add something to our culture, or have some deeper meaning. Why can’t it just simply state I want to go out there and dance? There are many artist that put out music that is just fun. It sells because it isn’t […]

Music Review: Born To Die-Lana Del rey

Here is my review on Lana Del Rey’s first album, “Born To Die”. It is actually a really great album and I really like it. She deserves a second chance if you are judging her on her SNL performance which we all can agree was horrendous.