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Marvel Superhero Takeover

November 11, 2013- Today I discuss the takeover of our world by Marvel character driven media content thanks to Disney and Netflix.     What are your thoughts on this Marvel overload? Let me know in the comment section. -JakeLX Twitter: Podcast: Instagram: Fan Page: Blog: Tumblr: Logo Animation […]

The Geeks Hate Ben Affleck As Batman

I am by no way a comic book geek. I can enjoy the occasional superhero-comic book movie. One film trilogy I couldn’t stand was the last three Batman films. They were so boring and long, and I hate Batman. Batman is nothing, but a rich guy that can afford some really cool toys and gadgets. […]

Movies and Leaks

(08.12.2013) Today we discuss this weekends movies that were released, Amanda Bynes’ state of affairs, Ender’s Game, and Katy Perry’s “Roar”. You Tube: Twitter: Instagram: @JakeLX Fan Page: Tumblr: Vlogosphere169 -JakeLX

Movie 43

When the trailer for Movie 43 was first released, I was excited to see the film. I began to here after its release how awful it was, and decided that maybe I would wait and Red Box it when it was released to home video. It has been released for a while now, but because of all […]

Avatar Too Big?

Apparently James Cameron is planning on filming three sequels to the 2009 Avatar back-to-back. They also are planning on releasing the movies close together. The three films are set to be released December 2016, December 2017, and December 2018. Apparently this is the reason why we haven’t seen a sequel to the first film yet. They have […]

Add Another On “The To Do List”

Imagine my surprise when I go to see what time the new raunchy comedy The To Do List, lead by NBC’s Parks & Rec‘s Aubrey Plaza, was not being shown at any of my local theatres.  The film only opened on 591 screens here in North America after a full layout of marketing that we have been seeing […]

MTV Movie Awards Hosted By Rebel Wilson Review

I was so excited to see Rebel Wilson kill it on the 2013 MTV Movie Awards and she so did not disappoint  There is so much to love about her and I plan on doing a total fan boy post on her at a later date. Until then you can watch my review of the highlights of Sunday’s […]

Breaking Dawn: Part Two Review

I went into Breaking Dawn: Part Two not sure what to expect from this film. The book had been my favourite book and I was happy to see the book be turned into two films considering the book seems like two different books. I also wasn’t sure if I would like the much talked about change […]

“American Reunion” Didn’t Impress

Universal Studios’ fourth installment of the “American Pie” franchise failed to impress me much. The first five minutes of “American Reunion” are probably the best and most funny minutes in the movie. It starts off fast, then slowly starts to head down before taking a nose-dive somewhere in the middle of the movie. You know a […]

So, How About Some Walking Dead Season Three?

Vlogosphere004— (07.16.2012) In this Vlogosphere I discuss some new happenings in the music industry, JLo’s leave from”American Idol”, and “The Walking Dead” season 3 trailer. “The Walking Dead” Season 3 Trailer: Twitter: Fan Page: