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Biscuits- Kacey Musgraves

This song came out in March, but I just heard about it today. I guess it is because the music video just came out June 10. I think the song has a great message that a lot of people need to listen to, including me(sometimes). It speaks to me obviously because of how people give […]

Being Mean To Taylor Swift’s Mom

(04.10.2015) Thursday Taylor Swift told the world that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. People were mostly supportive and comforting, but some internet jerks were still at it. I don’t get it, especially with something like cancer. Daily Vlog Channel: -Connect with me here: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: Vine: […]

Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Being Dropped

(03.27.2015) Today I am discussing Little Big Town’s new single “Girl Crush”. Country radio stations across the country are dropping it because their listeners say it supports the LGBT community. What are your thoughts? Weekly Vlog Channel: -Connect with me here: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: Vine: JakeLX Planet LX Blog: […]

The Next Two SNL Hosts

SNL has announced the next two hosts and musical performances for the October 26 and November 2 shows. The show is taking a week off this week and is replaying the first episode of the season. On the October 26 episode Edward Norton will be hosting the show and Janelle Monae will be the musical guest. […]

Zombies Eat Away Ratings Competition

AMC’s flagship show The Walking Dead got off to an amazing start last night when season four premiered with 16.1 million viewers. That beat its old record for the season three finale of 12.1 million viewers. The makes it the most watched television show of the season and even beat out the MLB and NFL games that […]

Walking On Air- Katy Perry

While “Roar” was a great song, but sounded too much like her Teenage Dream music. “Dark Horse” failed to impress me much, I mean, “white pop girl with black rapper man”, seen it and not that impressed. When I first heard “Walking On Air” I had no clue it was Katy Perry. While I think any Katy […]

The Starving Games

it was just a matter of time before The Hunger Games got its very own parody movie. There is something about these parody films that is enjoyable, even if you love the franchise its poking fun at. I love The Hunger Games movie and books, but The Starving Games looks funny, and I will definitely be watching it. A lot of times […]

Kardashian Divorce

It was so sad for me to read Tuesday night that Bruce and Kris Jenner have been separated for a while and that they are no longer together and would be getting a divorce. This has to have the Kardashian/Jenner family in a very split and sad state. Kris and Bruce say they have no […]

Good Time- Paris Hilton feat. Lil’ Wayne

Paris Hilton released her lead single off of her next album called “Good Time”. My first listen through I hated it and only focused on Paris Hilton’s voice which sounds like a grown-up Rebecca Black singing about sexy. The second time I listened to it was better at least for some parts of the song. […]

We Did Stop- SNL

Miley Cyrus hosted and performed on SNL this past Saturday. I think we were all waiting for something outrageous, but Miley stayed within the bounds of what most people would deem appropriate. Smart move with her new album Bangerz out today. Miley did a really good job, but the highlight of the night was probably the parody video they […]