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Applause- Lady Gaga Review

Lady Gaga knows that there is no point in fighting the hackers that have been leaking clips of her new single “Applause” over this past weekend. The leaks got so bad Sunday night that Lady Gaga announced just hours to go, that “Applause” would be released today, a week early. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry […]

Should Warner Brothers Give Money To Victims?

The idea that Warner Brother’s should donate money from this weekends opening earnings, to the victims and victims families that were involved in the shooting at a Dark Knight Rises midnight showing at Century 16 in Aurora, Colorado is growing. I guess I don’t quite understand why this is growing? Warner Brother’s didn’t pay this guy […]

Avery’s Bucket List

Today I came across a blog that broke my heart. It is about a little 5 month old baby, who has a disease that is the number one genetic killer of infants in the United States. The catch? No one has really heard about this disease despite it being the number the top reason for infants deaths […]