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Robert E. Blackmon: TikTok Creator and More

Robert E. Blackmon/@roberteblackmon There are many way to listen. To find your preferred platform, click here. Ep. 01.08 Robert E. Blackmon You probably know Robert E. Blackmon from TikTok as his hilarious character, Church Muva. He has grown his @roberteblackmon account with the comedy of Church Muva and his daily positive vibes videos. You more than likely […]
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TikTok Ban: Why It Won’t Happen In The United States

TikTok was banned in India which caused the Trump administration to come out and say they might ban TikTok in the United States. But Trump’s motives may be personal. TikTok is doing a lot to make a ban seem unreasonable, however I will give you the reasons why people think it might be banned. -Subscribe […]